Design Concepts

The Development Code Concept
The development code is intended to set reasonable standards and create disciplined development, resulting in a planned neighbourhood with enhanced property values. The Management Association is formed to maintain these standards, the public environment, and provide security that will also enhance the value of property.
It is therefore assumed and expected that purchasers will adopt a positive attitude in adhering to this code, thereby ensuring that neighbouring developments will also adhere to the code.
The overall theme is not architectural but is a colour code theme where buildings will range from predominantly white, silver and/ or grey with preferred secondary accent colourations on the elevations being encouraged. The development is set in a green landscape of open space and an extensive riverine environment rich in indigenous flora and fauna.
A major feature of buildings in a business park/ light industrial area is the roofscape. All steel sheeted roofs are in white, silver or grey only. Tiled or shingled roofs are to be light grey, charcoal grey or black only. All windows and skylights are to be clear, white, silver or tinted grey, or charcoal and black tones. No blue, green, bronze or other colour variations will suite and are therefore not permitted. Lighting of buildings at will be solely of a "white light” which will assist with security camera surveillance of the area and will accentuate the light colouration of the buildings as well as the green landscaping and open spaces. The above principles are outlined and defined in The Development Code manual, the governing document for all buildings and developments within the Estate, and incorporates additional aspects to the main theme such as signage, fencing, and lighting.
The oversight for compliance to The Development Code is carried out by the Design Review Panel or Committee, upon review of building plans, the submission of which is a mandatory requirement by every member of the Estate. The Design Review process is the following:
Pre-design conference
  1. Presentation of conceptual design
  2. Review of Submission Plans for eThekwini Town Panning approval
  3. Design Review Approval of those plans
  4. Submission of the plans to eThekwini Town Planning for their approval to commence building
  5. Final Design Approval
Final Design Approval will only be given upon final inspection of buildings upon completion of construction to determine that all requirements of the Development Code have been met and ensuring that as-built plans are compliant with both the Design Review Committee and eThekwini Town Planning.

The spirit is one of cooperation and the Design Review Panel is prepared to take cogniscance of individual design merits not appropriately catered for by the code. Therefore where necessary waivers to the code will be considered as long as the spirit and intention of the code is maintained and no unwelcome precedents are set.